Talking about the craft composition of the sofa

August 28, 2019

1, woodworking technology
a. The solid wood is processed by four sides before being assembled, so that each frame is more delicate and beautiful.

b. The back, side and armrests of the frame of the sofa are all packaged in high quality fiberboard.

c. In order to complete the construction and to reinforce the frame, each joint of the frame is positioned using a fully and precisely cut wooden tripod and secured with glue and screws. d. Use a straight nail gun to ensure the firmness of each interface.

2, the process of contracting
a, the frame is covered with a layer of 2-4cm thick reclaimed high resilience sponge (especially the handrail with 2-4cm thick regenerative high resilience sponge and then paste 2-4cm thick high resilience sponge to ensure that the human body touches the sofa armrest Directly feel the wood frame), the surface is tightly adhered to a layer of felt, to minimize the friction between the fabric and the frame.

b. Use a nail gun to ensure the firmness of important parts such as bandages.

3, sewing process
The surface is sewn with an electric high-speed sewing machine, the stitches are evenly flat, and each piece of fabric is treated with a trivial edge.