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بايوٽيڪ فرنيچر ڪمپني, لميٽيڊ. was founded in 1985 and located in Shunde, Foshan city, Guangdong province. We covering an area of 50,000 square meters and the registered capital about 2 million USD.


Baotian sofa beds manufacturer have been specialized in producing sofa, sofa bed, electric recliner, mattress and bed frame. We are cooperative with hotel project, wholesale, and retailers.

  • ڪوئن جي بستري جو فريم مٿي واري بورڊ جو

    Facing such a large number of and visible piece of furniture, lots of considerations should be taken. Certainly, for bed frames, the types are as many as the beds from the size to the material. Hence, if you feel hesitant or it's hard for you to decide which one should be the first choice how, how about learning this queen bed frame upholstered headboard?

  • ڳري گرين ڊائننگ ڪرسي

    U shape backrest with high density foam that make you feel soft and support also. Dark gray velvet fabric would be easy to clean. The streamlined armrests design should be match with different height dining tables. The solid wood chair base that make the service life more longer and integrated design.

  • واڻائي ڪپڙو صوفا

    English style L shaped fabric couch living room royal sectional sofa. Grape purple, romantic and elegant, perfect match with enjoyment from tasting a grass of grape wine. Adjustable headrests yield to your demand, remove or hold them whenever you need. Stainless steel frame and pocketed spring in seat cushion bring safety and pleasing seating feeling together.

  • چيسٽرفيلڊ سوفا chaise سان

    چيسٽرفيلڊ سوفا chaise سان is our lighter and softer one than others, which takes on a regular classic Chesterfield sofa. We adopt the old-fashioned design but gave it a more modern feeling. Based on Chesterfield’s tufting type, we try to change its traditional heavy shape.

  • خوبصورت جامني جديد چانور لاؤنج صوفا

    جديد بيزائن لاؤنج صوفا ، خوبصورت ارغواني رنگ سان - اڃا تائين پراسرار پرستي ، تمام دلکش. سخت ڪاٺ وارا پير ڏا powerfulي طاقتور مدد ڏين ٿا. آرام واري احساس جیب اسپرنگس استعمال کرتے ہوئے اهڙي سوفا جي جاء تي پنهنجو رستو ڳولي ٿو & وڏي کثافت جو اسپنج.

  • اسپرنگ ۽ ميموري فوم هائبرڊ گدرا

    With the improvement of the mattress, a new newly hybrid mattress appears, which is trending as an option for those who hope to own both memory foam and innerspring mattresses. Essentially the hybrid mattress is an innerspring core loaded with high-density foam. Hybrid is a good choice for people who want to enjoy a blend of spring support but insist on the quality of memory foam.

  • بيڊ روم فرنيچر ڪارو چمڙي جو اسٽور بستر

    The black leather storage bed is good to be chosen for a small bedroom because it will always enlarge it visually and add sensual lightness. This black one combines glamor with style and a strong quilting headboard as well as a whole that hides storage boxes.

  • آمريڪن انداز لونگ روم فرنيچر آرامده ڊزائن فبرڪ ڪارنر سوفا, چيسٽر فيلڊ ڊيزائن فيبرڪ ڪيچ

    Chesterfield Design Black Fabric Corner Couch, Modern, Clean, and Fashion. One big piece of pocket coil seat cushion is so comfortable and soft. Movable design is easy to clean and tidy. Golden metal buttons and stainless steel legs make the sofa design more elegant.

  • گهريلو فرنيچر جديد 3 ويهيندڙ ڪپڙن جو صوفا بستر

    3 ويهيندڙ ڪپڙن جو صوفا بستر, with Belgium Brand Mechanism Bed Frame. Strong round piping metal frame, with pocket spring mattress: 143*195*12سي ايم. One step opening sofa bed is more convenient and easy to handle.

  • هوٽل جو فرنيچر کيسي جي چشمي واري گدري سوفا بستر

    Hotel furniture modern style general use reversible seat cushions sofa bed.Sofa bed using top 500 American brand. Square piping series mechanism offer stronger support to meet the needs of different hotels and families. Standard pocket spring mattress size: 90/130*185*12سي ايم.

  • همعصر ڪارنر صوفا

    The contemporary corner sofa is increasingly popular due to their adjustable size and the cozy corners they attach. If you’re looking for something that strikes the right balance between a chaise and a corner sofa, consider our Baotian furniture. This spacious sofa has enough space for all the family without being too overbearing. Grey fabric upholstery adds an extra touch of luxury to the design. There are plenty of others available like velvet if you dislike fabric so have a shop around...

  • نوان نيري ڪارنر صوفا

    When it comes to sofas, an endless choice will be generated in your mind based on their size, style, material, craftsmanship, and others. There are more styles than you can imagine facing so many types. However, The three basic things that decide a sofa style. These include the arms, back, and legs of the sofa, regardless of whether it is a navy blue corner sofa. Aside from the back, arms, skirt, seat, وغيره, more descriptions are given to peruse about a navy blue velvet sofa.....

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