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Inleiding en voordele van elektriese bank


The electric sand chair has different buttons. Die op- en afknoppies op die knoppie kan die agter- en onderkant van die bank beheer. Met die verstelling van die elektriese bank, die posisie van die persoon op die kussing sal ook verander, such as the backdown. At times, people will move their hips backward, and vice versa. If you are eager to own such one pls contact us- a slaapbankvervaardiger.

Die "magic" of the electric sofa chair is that when sitting, the back is up, and there is no need to add a footstool in the front, and the feet can fall naturally or be placed in the footbath. If you need a footrest, you can use the control button to naturally rise. Although the structure is more complicated than traditional chairs, the performance is more reliable and the grade is high.

Advantages of electric sofa:

1. The electric sofa has the effect of reducing pressure. The sofa chair is soft and the pressure on the human body is small, so it will be more comfortable to sit on the sofa chair;
2. The electric sofa has a massage function. When a person sits on the eietydse hoekbank and does a little activity, it will cause small vibrations of springs and soft materials. The human body is subjected to the elastic force of periodic changes, which can play the role of massage.
3. The electric sofa is flexible. The cushion of the sofa is made of soft materials such as linen, bruin, sponge, ens. There are several springs underneath, which are both soft and elastic.



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