What is a deck chair?

August 28, 2019

It is a folding chair designed to fold and retract by various folding methods. It is convenient and practical, and easy to store. The folding recliner is mainly composed of a reclining chair frame with a rear leg frame, a back frame, a front leg frame and an armrest cross bar. The folding reclining frame is rotatably connected behind the seat frame, and one end of the armrest bar is connected to the side frame of the back frame. The other end is movably connected with the upper end of the front leg frame. The middle part of the front leg frame is abutted on the central side of the seat frame, and a support frame is arranged on the lower part between the leg frame and the front leg frame. The support frame can be live at one end. Attached to the front foot frame, the fold can also be connected to the rear foot frame, correspondingly can be provided with a positioning cross bar on the rear leg frame, or a positioning cross bar can be arranged on the front leg frame, corresponding to the freedom of the support frame for positioning the cross bar The end is provided with a bayonet matching the positioning crossbar. Compared with the prior art, the folding recliner has the advantages of simple structure, easy packaging after folding, and adjustable backrest when the folding chair is opened.

The main purpose:
Because the reclining chair is more relaxing than the traditional chair, the body is relaxed and rested in a half-sleep state. Therefore, it is widely used in hospital accompanying chairs, lunch chairs, outdoor lounge chairs, etc. The folding recliner is widely used in travel and leisure, office nap, etc. due to its convenience and practicality, flexible folding, small space occupation and convenient carrying. In some emergency natural disasters, it also has an irreplaceable role in quickly resettling the victims.