Baotian 35 afọ na-elekwasị anya na ngwá ụlọ customization

Ngwongwo Baotian

N'otu oge ahụ, ọnọdụ obibi ndụ mba agbanweela nke ọma, ọ na-etinyekwa ihe ndị dị elu dị elu karịa na ogo na ọrụ ụlọ nkwari akụ. Ya mere, mgbe ị na-ahọrọ oche ụlọ nkwari akụ, nnukwu ụlọ oriri na ọ hotelsụ hotelsụ na-eleba anya n'ihe bara uru, mma, nkasi obi, nkọwa na akụkụ ndị ọzọ, ma tinye ihe dị elu maka ụlọ ọrụ ndị na-ahụ maka ụlọ nkwari akụ. Na ya aesthetics na elu-ọgwụgwụ ngwá ụlọ ngwaahịa, Baotian Furniture has become a dark horse in the hotel furniture industry. We specialize in producing spring and memory foam hybrid mattress, contemporary corner sofa, chesterfield sofa with chaise, electric recliners, and bed frames. We work with hotel projects, wholesale and retailers. 90% of our products are exported to America, Canada, Europe and Africa. We also manufacture furniture for many famous hotel groups, such as Sheraton, Four Seasons, Comfort Hotel, Ramada and Holiday Hotel.

While people pay attention to the suitability of the hotel's living environment, they also put forward higher requirements for the hotel's quality and visual experience. Baotian Furniture believes that the so-called high-quality furniture should be "exquisite" in the form, "quality" in the connotation, both quality and beauty, highlighting the company's culture and strength.

Baotian Furniture knows that while ensuring visual enjoyment, it is necessary to strictly control the quality of furniture. Baotian strictly controls the technological process, introduces a set of advanced quality assurance systems, and establishes strict acceptance monitoring standards to ensure that each piece of factory furniture includes warpage, flatness, moisture content, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and cold resistance. Various indicators including heat and flower resistance are at the international advanced level. Picking out fine products, since its establishment, Baotian Furniture has successfully manufactured one classic project after another for large brands and large companies, with excellent quality and unique design. The 100% acceptance rate of Baotian has won Baotian from peers and customers Widely praised.

Baotian insists on "choosing fine products and strictly creating brands", continuously strengthening its own strength, providing customers with services and products with both quality and creativity, and has won widespread praise from society. Rong obtained IOS9001, International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), Best Chinese Supplier, SGS, CQM and other certifications. Based on our extensive experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of customer needs and solve problems quickly. We sincerely invite you to join us for a better future. We are a sofa bed manufacturer, click here for more info.


Post time: 2020-04-22
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