Baotian 35 afọ na-elekwasị anya na ngwá ụlọ customization

Solọ ahịa sofa omenala ịzụta atụmatụ

Anyị ga-anọ na nkwari akụ n'èzí. Ọ dị anyị ka sofa ahụ dị iche na sofa dị n'ụlọ anyị? Ọ bụrụ n'ịchọrọ ịzụta sofa ụlọ nkwari akụ, kedu ka ị ga-esi họrọ ya? Fọdụ ndị na-eme ihe nkiri ajụla ajụjụ ndị dị otú ahụ. Solọ oriri na ọ productsụ soụ sofas bụ ngwaahịa ndị na-adịghị mma. Maka sofas omenala, it is not as convenient as the conventional batch production of products, as detailed below.

First, when choosing a custom-made hotel sofa, many hotels often blindly pursue individuality, neglecting the use of suite space and guests' living habits, making customized products lose their practical significance. First, we must find a formal factory. Sofas belong to the traditional manufacturing industry, and there are also many small factories. Otú ọ dị, as a hotel, the production of hotel furniture must choose a regular manufacturer to be at ease and pay attention to distinguish the quality of the manufacturer, such as quality certification system, environmental certification Whether the system is complete, whether you have your own brand, and what large-scale hotel cases have been done.

Second, the content of the contract must be detailed. The contract must detail the specific work distribution, after-sales commitment and installation, transportation, handling, taxes, and other issues;

Third, during the manufacturing process, check the comparison between the hotel furniture products and the samples. The completion of business docking is the production of products. This must be paid attention to. Do not put all the quality on the factory, but monitor it in real-time.

Fourth, we must pay attention to the receipt and inspection, in addition, we must randomly select the products to check whether they are qualified, whether there is a strong pungent smell, and whether they meet the requirements of the national environmental protection standards. Click here for more info: sofa bed manufacturer

Post time: 2020-04-23
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