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Inflatable sofa

What couch do we often purchase for the living room? The answer absolutely is fabric, leather, or any others, which is the prior choice for most families. But have you heard that inflatable sofas? Yeah, It sounds a little weird and unfamiliar for most people. The inflatable sofa consists of PVC, and pressurize to flow the gas into the body. It gets rid of the bulkiness of traditional furniture, placed both indoors and outdoors. After being deflated, the sofa is so small that it’s easy to carry and conserve, which is both trendy and comfortable. Nowadays, the inflatable sofa is more prevalent than ever before due to its multiple colors, crystal material, and unique shapes. I guess you might still be confused about the sofa, so let's go with the remaining contents.

inflatable sofa


How to choose an inflatable sofa?

1. Durable and easy to maintain

Durability includes two aspects. One is a long lifespan for the sofa, and another is whether the appearance, color and gloss could last as soon as possible.


2. Flexibility and space-saving

Flexibility means the furniture is able to apply on different occasions via changing its configuration, such as sectional and sleeper sofa. This not only reduces the furniture quantity but also save much space leaving for other decors. In addition, opt for these folded or sectional sofas, which prolong the vertical space for better manipulation and saves the occupied area.

3. Comfort and convenience

If you are the one eagerly loved comfort then you have to pay attention to the three elements, correct scale, reasonable structure and excellent materials. Only cater to human body features can these inflatable sofa gives a comfortable feeling. All seats, desks, beds, dining tables, chairs and storage furniture should be sure to meet the usual custom of people, which helps people save energy, release bad emotions, eliminate fatigue, and improve health. Plus, visual factors such as shape and color ought to take into consideration in order to satisfy psychological comfort.

4. Color

If the wall and floor are both white, it is recommended to choose a lighter color. However, in terms of long time use, the light color is not resistant to dirt. Therefore, some neutral colors may be the better choice, such as gray, coffee, maroon, etc. If you are preferred to live in a vivid and contemporary living room, fruit colors perform well, like the popular pink, bright green, orange, and yellow.

5. Size

There are three kinds of inflatable sofas to select as per the size of the apartment and personal requirements, sorted into single, double and three-person. If it is a small apartment, we recommend placing a single or two-person inflatable sofa in the bedroom, hallway, or garden, instead, the three-person one is fit for the living room. If the house is large enough to exceed 1oo square meters, then you can purchase and arrange the sofas as your desire.

A woman is sitting on the inflatable sofa


The pros and cons of an inflatable couch


1. Lightweight and foldable. The portable inflatable couch whether mini or larger is lightweight after vented takes effortless to carry. In spite of a long journey, it quietly lay down your pockets without usage. However, when you want to enjoy a great sunbath on the beach just make it gas-filled, only one minute to own a sofa magically.

2. Distinctive design. The inflatable couch is tended to be the most welcomed lazy sofa by people, because of its novel and unique design, balanced color matching, harmonious appearance.

3. Designed with internal advection ventilation groove. The inflatable sofa is carefully designed with an advection ventilation system between the inner fabric and the bladder, which not only completely maintains the shape and bearing capacity of the cushion and appearance, but also has good ventilation in the design. It will generate a good effect in keeping health and disease prevention.

4. Adjustable agent for the three-dimensional liner of inflatable sofa row airbag. Adjusting the bearing capacity according to the pressure of different parts of the sofa. By adjusting the softness and hardness of the sofa, it will give you the healthiest sleeping experience.


1. It is easily deformed after a long time of use;

2. It will make you feel tired when sitting for a long time as the inflatable sofa is too soft to make a good support to users

3. As the most outstanding piece of furniture in the guest hall, it tends to be of a lower style and not fit for other pieces.

Maintenance of inflatable sofa:

1. Avoid standing on the sofa, or sit on the armrest and backrest in case of fall down because of the unreliability and smooth surface. Don't let your sofa get close to places with high temperatures or exposed to sunlight. Take care of your little pet warning them not to claw or climb onto the inflatable sofa. Please be careful not to hook out the thread with sharp objects (children's toys, rings, clothing, etc.). Do not wet the stuffing. If it happens accidentally, use a fan or hairdryer to dry it quickly at a lower temperature

2. Inflatable products can only be inflated by 80%. The burst caused by over-inflation cannot be repaired. Please remember to complement some air in winter, and release some air in hot weather to maintain its best seating condition. When you put the cushion, press the four sides of it with your fists to make it go in slowly rejected with heavy pressure.

3. The sofa cushion should be dried regularly to prevent damp or mildew.


Cleanse an inflatable couch

Clean the fabric regularly with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner. In this way, it absolutely prolongs the service life and will be easier to clean later. But, do not wipe the dirty place too hard to prevent the stain from spreading.


1. Oil stains (including head oil)

Use a dry cleaning agent to lighten the oily area with liquid detergent repeatedly. If there are still stains, use a mixture of slightly damp liquid detergent and water to treat. Do not forget to always use a washed cloth, and wipe it with a cloth moistened with clean water.

2. Ink stains

Wet it with warm glycerin, and keep it for 10 minutes. Then treat it with liquid detergent, brush lightly, and rinse with wet water to quickly absorb dry.

3. Milk stains

Soak dry with a clean soft cloth, lightly wipe with clean water. Add a small amount of glycerin into the detergent, blot dry after the treatment, and repeat the step after a few minutes. Until the stains are removed completely, then wiped with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol.

4. Ice cream

Mix cold water and liquid detergent to clean at first, and then wipe until waterless with a dried cloth.

5. Shoe polish

Treat with liquid paraffin first, then clean with sponge and dry cleaning agent.

6. Urine stains

Treat the urine stain in time before it dries, otherwise, the urine stain will affect the dyeing of the fabric and cause the fabric color to permanently fade. Firstly clean up lightly with a solution of white vinegar and water. Blot it dry, then treat it with a mixture of liquid detergent and cold water, soak it dry with a waterless cloth, and finally rinse it with clean water.

7. Bloodstains

Pour a teaspoon of ammonia into a cup of cold water, carefully wipe the bloodstains, and blot them dry with a clean towel. Repeat the process until the stains are totally removed. Then moisten it with cold water and blot it dry. After 15 minutes, moisten it with white vinegar again, and blot it dry with a dry towel.

8. Coffee and tea stains

Rub gently with sponge immersed with warm water, then moisten with warm glycerin. After 30 minutes, rinse with water and quickly blot dry.

9 juice

Wipe gently with cold water. If there are still stains, add a liquid detergent and a drop of water to the vinegar. Use the solution to gently wipe the stained area and blot it dry until no trace is left.


All above is the introduction of the inflatable multifunctional sofa. If you have any doubts feel free to send messages to our email.

Post time: 2020-12-08