Baotian 35 年は家具のカスタマイズに焦点を当てています


私はほとんどの人がソファを買うのをためらっていると感じているかもしれないことを知っています. したがって、, 家具分野での長年の製造から有益, 私たちはすべてのクライアントを以下のソファ購入のヒントと共有することができます.


1. Check the Fit


There is no sense in considering a love seat on the off chance that it doesn't fit you well. 座席はあなたの家族のすべての個人にとって快適でなければなりません. 椅子のソファを購入する場合, それがすべてのさまざまな立場で同意できることを確認してください. 本質的なフィット感は、座席の深さです. 深い席または浅い席を選択する, 身長に応じて、ラウンジチェアの背もたれは、足が床に水平になり、膝の背もたれが下側のシートパッドの少し前にくるように、背中を十分に支えます。. そのうえ, ラブシートが休憩したい場所なら, ラウンジチェアに広げて、昼寝に満足できる長さかどうかを確認します.


2. Assess the Frame


Upholstery texture and pads can be supplanted when they get old and worn, しかし, ソファが強い場合を除いて、まともな家庭用品と見なすことはできません, 高品質の内向きケーシング. あなたがまともなソファを購入する可能性が高い場合, エッジについて調べることから始めます. より安価なソファには、パーティクルボードを使用して作成されたアウトラインがある場合があります, プラスチック, または金属, それでも、まともな品質のラブシートは、強い堅材の輪郭を持っています-理想的には, NS "オーブン乾燥" オーク材で作られた広葉樹の輪郭, 海岸, または破片. 松の輪郭は控えめです, しかし, 彼らは定期的に5年以内またはその近くのどこかでねじれ、ぐらつき始めます. ラブシートの脚は、ケーシングの重要な部分であるか、ネジまたはダボで吊るされている必要があります. 足が引っかかっているだけの場合は、ソファから戦略的な距離を維持します. 強いエッジの発達のための1つの簡単なテストは、ソファの1つの前の角または脚を床から持ち上げて次の身長にすることです。 6 inches or something like that. In the event that the other front leg doesn't rapidly ascend off the floor, as well, it's a sign the edge is contorting and is in this manner powerless. Any couch that noticeably curves or squeaks under this test is one you ought to stay away from.


3. Test the Arms


A sofa with a decent hardwood outline amassed with dowels or corner sections ought to be quality household items, しかし, it is as yet a smart thought to compellingly test the arms of the couch to ensure they are tight, with no give when you incline toward them. In a family with dynamic youngsters, the most well-known region of disappointment on a sofa (other than the upholstery) is the arms.

As you test the lounge chair, push hard on the arms, and search for any indication of wobble. Keep away from any sofa that isn't unshakable.


4. Consider the Springs


The springs that hold up the pads on a sofa come in three degrees of value. Most affordable (and least solid) are those that don't spring in any way, however simply webbing or work. Dodge these lounge chairs if your objective is a quality household item.

Most lounge chairs use what is known as serpentine springs—twisted bits of winding wire that range the hole between outline individuals. These offer great help, yet they may droop after some time if the metal isn't a substantial measure.

Extravagance couches are fitted with what is known as "eight-way hand-tied springs," which are truly agreeable yet additionally costly. A few specialists debate if hand-tied springs are any more agreeable than great serpentine springs, yet you can be the appointed authority of that.

Feel the springs through the upholstery. Great springs will be very firm and separated near one another for good help. There ought to be acceptable help without an excessive amount of giving when you sit on the lounge chair.


5. Check the Cushions


Seat pads ought to be firm and flexible and fit cozily inside the couch outline. The pads ought to recover their shape after you push down and let go. A pad that waits when you push down will be straightened in the blink of an eye, wind up looking unattractive, and feel awkward when you sit on it. Pads that don't fit cozily will likewise lose their shape rapidly and the edges will begin looking unattractive.








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