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What are the precautions for mattress customization?

A third of the time spent on the bed, the custom spring and memory foam mattress is crucial. It can improve one's quality of sleep, and have health care function to the human body, on the contrary, if purchase a not suitable for their own mattress can let a person more sleep more tired, the body's muscles can not get effective relaxation, but can not lift spirit for the new day's work, also can cause the pressure of the body, and for a long time, can let the spinal cord is damaged, then on the custom mattress when we should pay attention to those aspects. Are you eager to sleep on the mattress randomly rolled up and down? Do you want to own a mattress large enough to share with a few of your friends? Then you ought to customize the mattress as your size. In order to assist these unfamiliar with mattress customization, we share some precautions.


1. The strength of manufacturers

As a hotel, the production of hotel furniture must choose a regular manufacturer to rest assured, and pay attention to distinguish the quality of диван төсек өндірушісі, such as quality certification system, the environmental certification system is complete, whether qualified. Have their own brand, as well as the completion of large hotel cases. The strength of the factory is a strong support point for the follow-up after-sales service.


2. Materials of mattress customization

If you want to customize a mattress that fits you, the first thing you need to know is what different experiences each material can give you. Brown, губка, latex, memory cotton, hydrophilic cotton, gel, mini spring, 3D materials, және т.б.. When you know those materials, you will definitely have something you like. The comfort of each material is different, the star hotel special mattress according to the individual different quality pursuit to choose the mattress of different material


3. The permeability through scientific calculation

a third of the time most people life will be spent in bed this also shows the importance of mattress, everyone in the sleep because the body's secretion system operation tends to have a lot of juice, and those among them some will kill, there is also a part of the sweat will penetrate into the mattress, so at the time of custom mattress, can choose breathable material. If you don't have good air permeability, you can easily cause bacteria and mites to grow in your mattress. Special mattresses for star hotels should pay attention to their good air permeability.


4. The quality of a mattress

What we can be observed with the naked eye is its surface fabric. The fabric feels comfortable and is relatively smooth, without obvious folds or jumper threads. Perhaps a lot of people think for granted, mattress surface can have the act of the role of such as sheet adornment, whether the beautiful effect is not big. But mattress formaldehyde exceeds standard problem to also often come from the cloth of mattress, a few unscrupulous manufacturers are in order to save cost, use the cloth with excessive formaldehyde content, and sponge, harm human body health. Except for mattresses, a navy blue corner sofa is available, сондай -ақ.


White fabric mattress

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