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Leather vs fabric sofa

People often think of these questions when buying a new sofa for your house, which style more attractive, what material lasts long, leather or fabric sofa which one better? Actually, there are many factors to consider whether the budget, comfort, style, etc after all it’s one of the most important sections of your life. In terms of the leather vs fabric sofa, it will be determined by how you live and what you are going live. Hence, we list the below points to refer to to buy the ideal sofa for your house.


What to consider when buying leather and fabric sofa



When it comes to comfort it is more subjective based on personal feeling. Therefore what you only do is to ask yourself, which one feels better on your body?

The common feeling is that fabric is more comfortable than leather cuz it’s softer, more pliable, and less temperature-respondent to room conditions. But it depends on the fabric material and support system as well. In general, fabric sofas are more breathable than leather sofas. Even if you sit for a long time, your buttocks are less hot, humid and stuffy, which makes people feel more comfortable and reduce irritability. However, one thing should be cared, that some cheaper fabrics will become loose and create bunching on cushions.

As for the leather sofa, it’s often influenced by the weather. In winter, the leather sofa can be really too cold to touch or site, but as long as you take a blanket on it will warm up to a close to the human body’s temperature. In summer, even if you have no air conditioning installing, the leather sofa is cooler than fabric which causes you to sweat and stick to the leather. Certainly, we recommend installing a climate-controlling condition, which brings much more comfort in the hot weather.


In the debate of cost for the leather vs. fabric sofas, if the two are in the same style, made with the same quality frame, the leather is more expensive in general.

I searched both leather and fabric sofa on Wayfair, the prior results show their difference. The leather is much higher than the fabric. But, there are also some luxurious fabrics made by famous designers that exceed the cost of these leather couches. There also are some low-grade leather sofas cheaper than the fabric if you don’t take the comfort and appearance into consideration. The price usually reflects the quality and lifespan of the sofa, so there is no doubt the leather lasts longer than the fabric if it’s not damaged on the purse.

Therefore, the first you should consider is the budget, then the house decor, family structure. It is more economical to choose a fabric sofa which might save half costs. Leather sofas are more suitable for individuals with good financial conditions or reception rooms to purchase. While fabric sofas are more suitable for mass families whether the multiple styles or flexible prices.



Fabric and leather sofa both have a wider style of patterns and colors to select, which has to be matched with the entire room.

In general, fabric couches offer more choices than leather due to their own dizzying array of patterns, colors, shapes, and upholstery techniques. If only consider placing a fabric sofa then when decorating your house nothing to care, cuz you can find out any style and color to meet with the room. It has become the first choice for most people, represented by the mainstream American fabric sofas beneficial from their tight structure, sophisticated materials, scientific design, elegant creativity and spacious comfort.

On the contrary, few house decor is able to match a super high-quality leather sofa. If not fit for the room, a sophisticated impact can be sent. Certainly if matched well it can display a unique elegance to a room that is hard to duplicate in a fabric. The most common of Leather is the chesterfield style which is very traditional. However, as a rule, leather sofas are typically more trendy than their fabric counterparts. If you prefer to have a contemporary or modern look, it tends to appear sleeker and more high-end than most fabric sofas.

Whether a leather or fabric sofa they all offer elegance and sophistication to your house, your bedroom, your dining room, or your lounge room. Hence, it looks up to personal choice. Do you want your sofa to be the main design element in your living room? Which decoration style you are preferred, vintage or modern? Do you hope to be rather easier for your house? That’s all we are going to consider when opting for sofas.



Besides the comfort, cost and style, maintenance might be a key factor to hesitate. Leather is very easy to clean and cost less time, whereas fabric needs to be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. A leather sofa can last for decades if cared for properly. However, while it should be conditioned consistently to prevent cracks and splits.

Due to the waterproof feature, what you do is to fully wet the towel in clean water, wring it out and wipe the surface of the sofa. However, if for long-term maintenance it requires special oiling and waxing. In addition, once the leather sofa is physically damaged, the outer cover cannot be replaced, which is more difficult to handle. Besides, some animals like the cat are used to clawing the sofa. In case of damage, pack a sofa set or buy some toys for the cat to distract. It should be noted that leather sofas are relatively difficult to maintain and scratches are difficult to repair, so if you have children or pets at home, cloth sofas are more suitable.

As for the fabric, it’s rather convenient and simple to maintain. Most of the fabric sofa set can be removed and washed. If you do think it’s troubled to deal with this dirty upholstery, you can take it off and send it to a dry cleaner. If you are worried about the heat just put the mat when summer comes and replace it with a warm pad in the winter. However, the fabric couches are going to pill and wear thinner with frequent use, therefore choosing a high-quality sofa can reduce the risk.



Fabric sofa generally made up of silk, satin, hemp, corduroy and other wear-resistant material. Per has its own features. The silk and satin fabric sofas convey elegance and luxury, giving people a magnificent feeling. However, the hemp and corduroy sofas look heavier and classic, and it seems to form a natural and simple style.

The choice for the leather sofas material is large, too. Differed leathers generate totally different effects. The leather sofas features are focused on, natural elasticity, the toughness of cowhide, delicate surface, high color fastness, good elasticity, air permeability, and high mechanical strength. The most outstanding is its high tear strength and tensile strength which improves the leather sofa lifespan. They are often divided into two types, thin leather or thickened. The design of a thin leather sofa stands for a simple and bright style.

High-quality leather sofas are soft to touch, comfortable to sit up, warm in winter and cool in summer. Due to the better texture, the price is more expensive than fabric. There are many types of fabric sofas which all give people different feelings. Sofas made of silk fabrics always convey people a noble feeling, and sofas made of hemp are more simple. From the material point of view, leather sofas are more durable.



There is a fact that we often ignored that leather sofas are actually hypoallergenic. If someone has an environmental allergy, then this can be useless whether how well the sofa. Unlike fabric sofa, leather sofas trap fewer dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens, which might result in allergy. So, compare with the fabric sofa provided a warm bed for allergen uneasy to clear leather sofa seems to be a better choice. Certainly, it is not impossible to keep a fabric sofa free of allergens, but it will be cost more time and take more effort than a leather couch in a long way



Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself when buying a fabric or leather sofa:

Do you have any pets? Are your pets your babies? We generally recommend fabric for pet-owners since they might scratch the expensive leather with their crawls. However, if you’re a smart trainer on the pets, then both are good.

Do you have children? Are they prone to accidents of all stripes? Do they often play on the sofa? If all yes, trust me, the leather may serve you longer compare with fabric. While nearly no way to avoid the tyranny of toddlers, a damage control plan is necessary.

Your sofa will be a long-term companion that needs to reflect your changing style and manage your relaxation needs. Though choosing a fabric vs. a leather sofa (or vice versa) may seem an aesthetic choice, it will influence the longevity of a piece in your home. Good thing we have so much choice on hand.



How to check when buying leather and fabric sofa


1. Check the outside upholstery which must be tight enough. Ensure there are no undesirable wrinkles and folds to influence the appearance.

2. The lining surface of the sofa should be flat, with no hooks, protruding nails, or staples, which will hurt people and torn clothes.

3. If you touch the metal or wooden frame, still feel the existing angle which means the lining cover is easy to be worn in a short time, especially near the sitting position.

4. Observe whether the patterns are properly matched, and the stitches used for decoration are evenly spaced.

5. The cushion should not be suspended on the front edge of the seat. The connections should be as narrow as possible between the cushion, armrests, backrest, and the sofa.

6. Check whether the armrests and sofa legs are stable, the wooden surface is smooth. The cushion must have sufficient support and be in line with the sofa back.

7. Leather sofa often has some unobvious chromatic aberrations, even small stains, so pay attention to the leather colors around every place.


Upholstery Fabric and Leather Types


Most consumers mightn’t learn the types of upholstery fabric and leather which also assist to pick the fabric or leather. Types of upholstery fabric are either natural fibres or human-made fibres. Here is a brief introduction to the textile fibers you will find when facing different fabric options.


Natural fibers


Natural fibers are continuous filament materials derived from plants or animals. They tend to be soft, beautiful to decorate and pleasant, comfortable to touch. There are four natural fibres as below features.





Keep heat and warm; Durable, weight than other textiles; Wrinkle and stain resistant; Wear color easily, fade resistant; Antibacterial, resists the odor



The surface is smooth, soft but not slippery; Skin and hair care due to natural cellular albumen; Dyes and prints well; Weakened by perspiration, sun, soap; Resists soil, mildew, and moths; Needs special care, dry cleaning


Comfortable and breathable; Natural fibers free of chemicals.; Hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin.; Renewable and biodegradable.; Machine washing.; Prone to shrink and wrinkle a lot.; Natural fibers wear down faster



Natural fibre with lower environmental pollution; Labor-intensive to manufacture; Naturally, insect repelling; Absorbs moisture well – up to 20% of its own weight; Exceptional coolness and freshness in hot and humid weather; Hypoallergenic, fit for sensitive skin or allergies; Affected by mildew and perspiration; Difficult to remove creases

Man made fibres

Synthetic man-made fiber is made by humans through chemical synthesis, as opposed to natural fibers that are directly derived from living organisms. They include nylon, polyester, acrylic, polyolefin vinyl, etc. Here are the features of these man-made fibres types.



Resists stretching and shrinkage; Washable or dry-cleanable; Easy care as it resists wrinkling, fading.; Resistant to most chemicals; Won’t mildew or absorb water; Static and pilling problems; Oil stains are hard to remove; Non-environmental-friendly



Produced from melting down plastic pellets, highly flammable; High tensile strength; Durable, resistant to staining; Good bulk and cover; Holds its colour ; Poor bonding properties, hard to paint; Materials can show deterioration



Lightweight, soft, and warm, wool-like hand; Can mimic other fibres, such as cotton; Dyes to bright colors; Non-allergenic; Resists moths, oil, chemicals, sunlight; Draws moisture away from the body and is washable; Suffer from pilling and abrasion problems



Strong yet weighs less than any other commonly used fibre; Most stretchy materials ; Highly moisture absorbent, breathable.; Highly resistant to abrasion, mold, mildew and wrinkling; Washed easily, and are resistant to oil spills.; Affected by sunlight and, yellows with age; Resistance to oil and most chemicals; low burning and melting point


RAYON leather fabric

Regenerated cellulose

Dyes easily and produces vivid colors

Introduced to resemble silk, wool, or cotton

Smooth, durable and inexpensive

No static or pilling problems

Often used in blends

Wrinkles easily unless treated esp washed

Prone to absorb moisture, body oils, and water



Conductive accessory to use in the cold season

Good waterproof performance

Blends in with different décor styles

Soft and has a luxurious look

Wear out quickly with the use

Highly dust absorbent


Leather and fabric sofa – the perfect mixture for any style

In spite of giving so many suggestions, I guess someone still feels hesitant to decide which one is better to go for leather or fabric. Here we will demonstrate another good idea to have both on your room and mix the beautiful leather and fabric sofa which will suit your interior in a magnificent way.

Both leather and fabric sofa mixed in rustic and Mediterranean interiors, embody the rich and smooth texture, soothing neutral colors and a feeling of warmth. A leather sofa is a kind of classic furniture which has always been connected with luxury and vintage. Fabric upholstery, on the other hand, conveys a common comfort, warmth and homely feeling. Once blend them into rustic interiors, the leather and fabric sofa upholstery will display an inviting look that seems to welcome guests to visit. Soft pillows in hushed tones are a perfect addition to the sofa. The floral and ornate patterns of the sofa release another attractive charm to the interior decoration. Just imagine you are sitting by the fire and enjoy the cracking of the wood and the dance of flames. Wouldn’t it be rather wonderful and a great inner peace?

Leather and fabric sofa, although it has been typical for more traditional designs, we have found their rightful position in modern interiors. Vertical and horizontal lines, matching and contrasting colors highlight the unique modern design, which is a usual vision of the contemporary sofa. The color palette is focused on the classic black, pure white, navy blue, or a combination of these color blocks, as well as trendy gray color. Gray looks equally well combined with black or white. Leather and fabric admixture offer the ultimate unusual comfort and style but not strange at all. Beautiful sectional sofas or corner sofas are the seating space for your guests and family, which easily blend in contemporary and minimalist interiors. The decorative pillows usually feature one basic color or a few shades of one color without decorative patterns. The leather and fabric sofa with a modern design is meant to be the centerpiece in the room and a conversational piece. Modular configurations provide the flexibility to rearrange the seating as per your need and preference.



A sofa is an essential place in the whole room where you take off anxiety, weary and bad moods. It’s a place happening interesting and warm things every day. I do believe it’s hard to opt for the leather or fabric sofa in thousands of models. However, the answer is not sure which one is better and up to you and your family. As long as it meets your requirements and adaptive for the house decor, that will be a pleasant thing to select.


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