Baotian 35 snin jiffukaw fuq il-personalizzazzjoni tal-għamara

Dwar il-post speċjali tal-għamara tal-lukanda

Bhalissa, ħafna mill-għamara tal-lukandi hija għamara apposta. Fiċ-Ċina, it-tqassim u t-tqegħid tal-għamara huma partikolari ħafna. Normalment huwa ta 'benefiċċju għall-esperjenza tal-utent filwaqt li titqies ukoll l-influwenza tal-Feng Shui. Segwini biex nintroduċi lilek il-postijiet kollha li għandhom bżonn jagħtu attenzjoni għat-tqegħid tal-għamara.


Three places you should take care of


First, the placement of the bed

In the furnishings of the hotel, the position of the bed is particularly important. Even the bed is the protagonist in the hotel room. After opening the door of the room and putting down the suitcase, the first object of attention is the bed that may firstly draw the concerns of many travelers. There are many precautions for placing the bed in the hotel furniture. First of all, the position of the bed should be avoided as far as possible against the door. According to Chinese Feng Shui, furniture and door hedges are unlucky. Fl-istess waqt, the use of mirrors is indispensable in hotel furniture. In terms of the nature of the five elements of Feng Shui, the mirror is fragile, so do not face the bed during placement, especially when the light from the mirror reflects on the bed in the middle of the night, it is not conducive to rest.


Second, the placement of the sofa

In the rest process, the sofa occupies an important role, and the sofa is the standard of hotel rest quality. Il navy blue corner sofa hair placement is also very particular, especially the position of the sofa. It is recommended that the hotel should rely on the back when placing the sofa so that it will have a sense of security during use. Try to avoid the placement of the sofa under direct light, inkella, it will cause people to feel dizzy and not conducive to rest. Fl-istess waqt, the sofa should not be placed at the gate as far as possible. There will be more airflow outside the Fengshui gate, which will have a bad influence on people's fortune.


Third, the placement of the wardrobe

The wardrobe is a decoration of hotel furniture, and also as an auxiliary object. Fil-fatt, the placement of the wardrobe is also very particular. Many hotels will put the wardrobe close to the door when placing it. In addition to not targeting the door, the wardrobe needs to be placed against the wall. In Feng Shui Above, if the wardrobe is vacant, it means that the owner has no fixed place. The positional relationship between the closet and the wall is also very clever. There is a certain distance between the two types of furniture so that they will not interfere with each other and will be more convenient to use. You can also place some plants next to the closet to increase your fortune.


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