Baotian 35 годы сосредоточены на изготовлении мебели

Какие проблемы следует заметить при обслуживании гостиничной мебели

При чистке гостиничной мебели, следует использовать профессиональные гостиничные уборщики. Мебель в отеле будет разной категории из-за разных звездных рейтингов отеля.. Однако, некоторые требования остаются неизменными при очистке. Let's take a look at the misunderstandings that should be avoided when using hotel cleaners to clean the contemporary corner sofa.

1. Do not use coarse cloth or old clothes to wipe the furniture. It is best to wipe the furniture with towels, cotton cloth, cotton fabric or flannel cloth, and other absorbent fabrics. Coarse cloth, threaded cloth, or old clothes with stitches, buttons, так далее. that can cause scratches on the surface of the furniture should be avoided as much as possible.

2. Do not wipe the dust on the surface of the furniture with a dry cloth. Dust is composed of fiber, sand, and silica. Many people are used to cleaning and wiping the surface of the furniture with a dry cloth. These fine particles can easily damage the paint surface of the furniture in the friction of wiping back and forth. Although these scratches are minimal, and even invisible to the naked eye, overnight, the surface of the furniture will be dim and rough, and the light will no longer be bright.

3. Do not use soapy water, detergent, or water to clean the furniture. If the water soaks into the wood, it will also cause the wood to become moldy or partially deformed, shortening the service life. When cleaning, you can use clean water to wipe properly, but do not leave a wet cloth on the surface of the furniture for a long time to prevent moisture from entering the wood.


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