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Small Apartment Ideas Space Saving

Small apartment tends to be a new trendy and modern lifestyle esp for these short rental. In spite of the small space, narrow hallway, and mini rooms, there are still a few approaches to make it look brighter, larger, and more beautiful. For the sake of spacious limitation, we have to blend the furniture well with the interior design, at least reflecting a good vision from our eyes. That requests a lot about our ability of spacing saving furniture selection and great synthetic taste. If you have been so weary of the cramped and cluttered apartment you are not alone, but be spare. Here are some good ideas to help you utilize every free inch of the space.


Small Apartment Style


Mid-century modern style

The mid-century modern style features blended materials, mature lines and round corners everywhere. In general, the furniture should be these options made up of wood, metal, and plastic material. The hues are majored in bright and vibrant, and the patterns are eye-catching enough. Why is it so perfect working for small apartments? There are two main reasons.

1. For the Mid-century modern style, designers tend to pay more attention to the furniture themselves, instead of additional accents and That’s sure to be more flexible to arrange it according to the apartment layout. You could get a spacious and bright small house but no compromise on the interior decoration.

2. There are one or two spotlights to attract people’s eyes sight, and it might be a green velvet fabric sofa or a mobile wooden configuration cabinet. Going through the outstanding furniture carefully, you will certainly neglect the small space.

Here is the green velvet fabric sofa goes well with a small space. It’ configuration modular sectionals, giving you the first sight like.

green velvet fabric sofa

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Traditional minimalist style

Traditional minimalist style differed from the traditional style, it more highlights the asymmetrical shape, smooth lines and horizontal surface. The style is mainly focused on overall black, white, and some others pure hues. Why it suits well for small apartments.

1. Traditional minimalism usually gives us a classic, precise and compressed pressure. Maximize every inch of foot space and try possible to clear all the distractions, traditional minimalism style prefers to take multifunctional furniture into consideration. To some extent, it only satisfies people’s request for the core furniture and makes it possible to have a spacious room.

2. Aside from giving your room a telegraphic and easy layout, traditional minimalist is committed to prolonging the room in visual sight by utilizing long, streamline and clean lines. The interior design like geometry takes no effort to free some space replacing the full-filled items room.

See the below baotian traditional leather sofa, designed for the minimalist.


traditional minimalist style sofa

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Scandinavian design style

Scandinavian design furniture generally consists of woods and naturals to convey simple ideas. A room with such style typically designs a large number of lights to give you a warm feeling. In addition to light, it features blended textures decoration like leather furniture and knits decors. Once you enter into the rooms, what you first feel is the muted colors, illuminated warm, and peaceful mind. Lest’s exploring the reason why the Scandinavian design is good for small space.

The Scandinavian design comes from the Danish idea of “hygge” and evolved into a new modern style later pursuing for a cozier lifestyle. The destination of scandi design is to make every corner of the room possible giving a sense of warmth. It takes care of every corner of the room so as to spout off unnecessary pieces. Plus, in the spacious places, light fixtures and some rare decors are attached, which enlarges the overall space whether from the height or width insight.


Space-saving furniture

Space-saving furniture is solely cataloged into a section for some online markets. Plus, you can find out some furniture supplies only works on small space pieces as well. That implies a secret people tend to take care of them than ever before, but not everyone fully knows what’s space-saving furniture. Let’s take a slight browse.


Modular furniture

Modular furniture covers a lot of range from modular shelving units to configuration sectional sofas. Designers utilize kinds of tricks to invent modular furniture that both fits for small spaces and plays multi-functionally. Moreover, the modular furniture is able to change the room into an office or any others by breaking out the layout.

For example, when it comes to modular furniture, a sectional sofa firstly shines in my mind as it’s mostly applied in small spaces. There are some options like U shape, L shape, T shape recommended. The sofa if not configurated together it can be a set of sofa, placed in the center of the room. If it’s still larger for the room, you can just pull out a one-seater sofa moved to the corners or bedroom. If guests come then install again due to the easy and convenient process.

Do you want a bench which varied between table and stool even more? Are you eagerly preferred to own multi-functional cabinets regarded as bookshelves, tables, and lights? Yeah, these are all wonderful modular furniture for small apartments. Customize to order for yourself!

Modular furniture sofa

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Concealed Cabinets

Traditional cabinets often take up a lot of space. It’s not good at all for a small space and I think you hate to waste the entire wall just for a cabinet. We ought to take advantage of the wall with windows or some wide corners. Then you will get a concealed cabinets capable of pretty items. We recommend opting for these slim but high cabinets so as to fully use the vertical space. In addition, nowadays many furniture is equipped with a storage system like the modern multi-functional bed, bedroom vanity, and sofa. The cabinets are concealed under the bed, vanity or beneath the sofa. It’s also convenient to pull out and off.


Foldable pieces

For most of the small apartments, there is no extra space for chairs if you have placed a set of sofa. But it’s necessary to own some when having dinner or night parties. To deal with the problem, we strongly recommend changing your current chairs into folding or stackable ones. Even over 10 pieces, what they take up is only one chair space. Moreover, stacked chairs are beneficial to the overall layout. In addition to chairs, the same as to the table, it is able to be foldable whether dining table, the coffee table even computer table. Every time when you needn’t it just folded the tables and leaves them alone beside the wall. Although using foldable furniture doesn’t mean you compromise on the style. More and more designed foldable furniture are available at a comparatively lower price.

foldable pieces sofa

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Round corners furniture

For the multi-member family or with little children, a small apartment might constrict their actions, esp kids. They are featured naturally energetic and naughty, always moving from here to there, rolled around the sofa, slapping each other. If it’s sharp corner furniture, you have to catch your eyes on them in case of an inattentive bump. Yeah, compared with a sharp corner I have to admit the round corner looks a little foolish but it really keeps the kids from getting into danger and more spacious. Moreover, instead of the sharp corner with aggressiveness, round corner furniture just like a cordial person make you more relaxed and comfortable. Please must be cautious for these makeup and dining table edge. Even if you dislike the round you had better wrap the sharp corners with soft materials.

If you are about to replace a sofa we sincerely recommend the round corner sectional sofas which are absolutely perfect for helping you create a high traffic area not sacrifice the sofa style.


Wall-Mounted items

Wall-mounted items necessarily exist in every house esp for the small space apartment. As far as I am concerned, you can easily find out a couple of wall-mounted furniture in my rental house, covering the towel racks, clothes cabinets, bookshelves, etc. It’s a great way to make use of the vertical space of the room to possibly storage more items. When you affixed the options against the wall, it means the foot space is taken up less. So check out these wall-mounted items, either slimmer but high or lightweight in order to ensure bother security and firmness.

For example, replace the traditional bulky bookshelves, wall mounted one not only storage pretty of books but also display some ornaments. Moreover, it uses vertical space to save much space. Besides, you can use alternative wall-mounted plants, which both convey a more aesthetic taste of the homeowner and frees up a place for more mattered items. Our destination is to utilize every inch of the floor as far as you can, but remember to control the pieces in case of giving a gaudy feeling.



MIrror is the most common item but few homeowners realize its importance to a small space. In general, the mirror gets used to being placed in the bathroom or the dressing room. Actually, do you know a regular mirror is a good idea to make the small space look larger? It’s effective enough without sparing much effort to expand the small room. By hanging a mirror against the wall, the glass surface reflects light to enter from the outside of the interior flash lamps, giving the small space a feeling of ambiance and illumination. If you want to find a mirror perfectly going well with your interior design, then you have to know more about its types. As far as I know, the captain’s mirror and pivot mirror are suitable for contemporary decoration; the Venetian mirror fit for classic interior design; the smart mirror is prepared for an intelligent home. As for the place, it had better hang or glue beside the windows due to the great light after all it’s not only compromise decoration. A simple mirror playing such an amazing function, won’t be a miracle?

frame mirror



Space Saving Ideas


Fall In Love with Vertical Space

When you have a small apartment with constrict space, you must think of how to enlarge the area as larger as possible. Fully utilizing vertical space would be a great idea. While opting for furniture, try to pick out these high ones or wall amounted pieces, which takes up fewer foot areas but using the walls and vertical space. For example, move the bookshelves against the wall under the window, which not only offers back support but also creates warm and bright reading corners. Closets have been the indispensable cabinets for clothes and quilt, but using the built-in wall instead of the traditional heavy style will save much space for the bedroom. In the living room, opt for slimmer and higher showcases for decorative accents.

Utilizing every corner of the small apartment from the living room to the kitchen, it works well, but you have to strictly control the quantity in case of exceeded pieces influencing the aesthetic feeling.


Minimalism Overall Space

Sometimes, most people get into such a trap that the more complicated the furniture is more functions it plays. Actually, during furnishing the small space apartment, we ought to arrange this furniture even decoration as simple as possible via getting rid of unnecessary items. Check out your room, if there are heavy cabinets, a massive sofa, bulky dining marble tables, and larger royal chairs. Replacing the heavy furniture with built-in pieces, hidden storage cabinets, and stackable & foldable chairs, which presents perfectly by uniting the over whole style and saving space. The furniture colors should be united with one or similar avoiding strong hues, or it will make the room garnish instead of minimalism

Some house owners are used to taking up more space on the wall beyond the regular adorns, wall-mounted hooks found everywhere. We recommend enlarging the space by hanging mirrors, plants or paints but not every corner, which might make people feel impressed.


Divide the Space

If your small apartment is only offered with a single room, a sofa would be good furniture to divide it into living and bedroom. A curtain or sliding door can be added if you feel the sofa is not safe enough to stop the guests. The sofa partitioned the room into areas fit for different home activities. Unlike the sliding doors making the room looker cramped, the sofa comes with dual functions as both a divider and seats. Moreover, it strengths the interior style.

The sectional sofa is a better option than a loveseat or other recliners. Loveseat only for two persons, lack of dividing ability because of the shorter size. A sectional sofa can be varied by configuration modular. It’s able to evolve into a set of separated sofa, also spilled into an L shape sofa. You can change the model according to any of your requests.



To make the small apartment possibly save space, we ought to take the home design style, space-saving furniture option, and some space-saving ideas into consideration. Just to learn all these small apartment ideas to make it more comfortable, stylish, and spacious.

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