Baotian 35 vitet përqendrohen në personalizimin e mobiljeve


  • Advantages of modern multifunctional bed

    The bed as an important role of home furniture is indispensable in our daily life. A comfortable and soft bed determines the quality of your sleep. If the bed is hard to sleep and relax, it will make you feel tired the next day which largely affects one’s work status. There are a wide variety of types for bed based…
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  • Paraqitja dhe përparësitë e divanit elektrik

    Introduction The electric sand chair has different buttons. The up and down buttons on the button can control the up and down of the back of the sofa. With the adjustment of the electric sofa, the position of the person on the cushion will also change, such as the backdown. At times, people will move their hips backward, and vice…
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  • What problems should notice when maintaining hotel furniture

    When cleaning hotel furniture, professional hotel cleaners should be used. The furniture in the hotel will have different grades due to different hotel star ratings. However, some requirements are still the same when cleaning. Let's take a look at the misunderstandings that should be avoided when using hotel cleaners to clean the contemporary corner sofa. 1. Do not use coarse…
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  • What are the precautions for mattress customization?

    A third of the time spent on the bed, the custom spring and memory foam mattress is crucial, it can improve one's quality of sleep, and have health care function to the human body, on the contrary, if purchase a not suitable for their own mattress can let a person more sleep more tired, the body's muscles can not get…
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  • Udhëzim për Kujdesin për Dyshekët Baotian

    Part One: Suggestions for OEM / ODM customers Storage humidity: The storage environment should be in reasonably dry condition to avoid the mold of The suggested humidity of the warehouse is between 50%-55%. If the humidity is above 65%, microbial will multiply rapidly; Storage temperature: Warm temperature is good for microbial to multiply. The high temperatures will cause material…
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  • Cilat janë përfitimet e dyshekut të pranverës së xhepit?

    Ndër dyshekët më, dyshekët më të fortë kanë më shumë se 3500 burimet. Normalisht më shumë burime do të gjenden në dyshekët më të fortë ortopedikë si të thuash. Risi e pranverës së xhepit është bërë jashtëzakonisht e njohur pasi nxiti krijimin e dyshekëve të pranverës së xhepit. U zbulua se këto dyshekë, japin ngushëllim të jashtëzakonshëm me anë të burimeve individuale. Since it follows the natural…
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  • Six tips for buying a great sofa

    We are a sofa bed manufacturer. Based on long years' of experience, we are able to share all our clients with some tips to buy a contemporary corner sofa.   Check the Fit There is no sense in considering a love seat on the off chance that it doesn't fit you well. Seats ought to be agreeable for all…
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  • Si të rregulloni dekorimin e butë të divanit në hotel?

    Overview The soft decoration in the hotel is the soul of the entire hotel. The good design of soft decoration can play a role in enhancing the effect to a certain extent. Hotel sofa custom manufacturer Baotian Furniture tells you about the hotel decoration design, Matching with soft furniture.     The first is the selection of hotel furniture…
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  • Farë është gjumi i shëndetshëm?

    Farë është higjena e gjumit? Sleep hygiene is a habitual activity that helps us fall asleep and maintain healthy sleep. Higjiena e dobët e gjumit mund të pengojë cilësinë e gjumit. Zakonet e mira të gjumit Të gjithë duan të kenë zakone të mira të gjumit, por me zhvillimin e teknologjisë, the quality of people's sleep has been declining. Kështu që, cilët janë faktorët që ndikojnë në cilësinë e gjumit? What…
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